Whether you are a complete beginner, have paddled a little here and there, or used to paddle a lot in the past and want to refresh your skills, we can help you get into paddlesport.

Our beginners course this year will be confirmed soon. To guarantee your place you need to have booked on in advance. The course will coach you towards the British Canoeing Discover Award, and you will get a certificate once you have passed this award.


However, if you are interested in joining the club, we do welcome you to come along on any Thursday evening starting from the 29th April 2021 and have a chat with us. We may be able to get you on the water and paddling before the course starts.
If you progress quickly, or have existing skills that meet the Discover award level, you may be able to pass the award sooner, and join in with the rest of the club's activities.
The new member/course fee will still apply, but you could get going sooner and enjoy more of the summer season on the water!

Come down to the club on Thursdays from 5.45pm and ask to speak to a coach.

Can already Paddle...?

If you already hold the old British Canoeing 1 Star Award, or higher, or have previous paddling experience, come and speak to us and you can join LDCC as a regular member without the additional course fee.
We can either look at your certificates, or get you on the water and informally assess your ability, and go from there!
Come along on Thursday nights from 5.45pm and have a chat to a coach who will point you in the right direction.